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The songs from this theme EP highlight experiences of real people and accounts of their stories. Many of the people involved in these incidents were known to be credible citizens and of sound mind. Something happened to them, and I can't quite dismiss their stories. There is something compelling in the world of the paranormal. I believe it's because we are all ultimately looking for God. Many things we find in our search are often only Diversions.


released October 31, 2015

Produced by Joel Sprenger
Drums: Ryan Fancher and Jeremy West
All other instruments: Joel Sprenger
Album Art by Andrew Fullard



all rights reserved


JOEL Maryville, Illinois

Joel has lived in the same small midwest town his whole life. He is married with 5 kids. He writes and records music purely as a creative outlet. You won't likely see him playing shows, but we suppose he'd oblige if you ask him nicely. Joel is intrigued by unorthodox thinking regarding spirituality, as shown in his new EP "Diversions". Joel is the worship leader at Copper Creek Christian Church. ... more

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Track Name: There's A Nightmare In My Closet
put your shoes on, we’ve got a long walk home
grab your pitchfork and a torch, it’s a long dark road
if you stay close to me we’ll make it through the night
you know the monsters come out when they see the streetlights

and there’s something in the dark that we’ve all heard of
do they come from below or come from above
and there’s something in the dark that gets into my head
I think they’re hiding in the closet and under the bed

there’s a cool breeze blowing across my face
I’ve gotta get up, get out, get away from this forsaken place
and when they talk to me I don’t know what to say
I hold my hears and close my eyes, but they won’t go away
Track Name: Point Pleasant
I’m watching lines flash by on the highway
somewhere between Richmond and D.C.
I can feel that I am slowly fading
so is she, her memory feels like a dream

I come and go for just a moment
awakened in a place that I have never seen
the only light that is provided
are two red spots beneath the canopy of trees

now the car begins to stall
is there anyone at all

in Point Pleasant, West Virginia
how did I get here, and how long was I asleep
I need to find my way to Richmond
maybe ask this stranger standing in front of me

I met a man who says he’s seen me
the past three nights outside his home
but I swear I have just arrived here
he swears that we are not alone

in Point Pleasant, West Virginia
something’s watching in the dark
many claim that they have seen him
but one man knows his name by heart

last night I spoke with Indrid Cold in my hotel room alone
he told me secrets that I hold, and she will soon be coming home
have I lost all reality trying to solve this mystery

in Point Pleasant, West Virginia
over the river a bridge begins to sway
and forty-six with Christmas presents
fell to their death wondering if Jesus is the way
Track Name: I Left This Place
I fell asleep, how many days has it been
since I left this place
I watched these fields grow smaller under my feet
as I left this place
was it a dream, or did they take me away
into outer space
or was it worse, was I just seeing things
that would shake my faith

I flew far from home and far from you
and I was afraid of the truth
so I just faked it and no one knew

I’ve heard it said that he convinces the weak
to leave the faith
I should know, I for one have seen things
that I cannot explain
the creatures spoke, and they called me by name
and they saw my face
and what was worse, they knew my weaknesses
and they exposed my shame
Track Name: I Am The Loch Ness Monster
bottom feeder, is that what I’ve become
this life in darkness, brief glimpses of the sun
I was once a mighty beast, ruler of the land and of the sea
now hiding here below, when can I come up to breathe

is this what they call living, here below the surface
maybe I deserve this
am I just watching time pass, so I can die alone here
we’ve all got our own fears, and mine is you

weary sinner, what have I become
secrets with secrets, living on the run

one step at a time, there’s a reason we hide
we’re all afraid of the monster inside
if I sink or I swim does it matter at all
what will they think when they finally see
I’m not everything that they hoped I would be
I’ll take my chances, I’m rising to the light

so this is living freely, breaking through the surface
knowing there’s a purpose
now I can walk in daylight, free from all the shadows
we all have our heroes, and mine is you